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Thank you for your support of Cycles & cream. I am honored to be able to work to help add value to the community I live in and love so much. I believe in the strength of community and have faith that with the right support network, our youth will create a better world than we live in today. Join me in efforts to leave the world a little better then we found it!

Ben's Story

Ben Hendershot grew up with a passion for bicycles. As a child, it was his past time and outlet. Becoming competitive in BMX, and his first job being at the local bike shop.


With the war in full effect after 9-11, Ben enlisted serving in the United States Marine Corps, in the infantry as with 1st Battalion 7th Marines and also with the 3rd F.A.S.T. (Fleet Anti-Terrorism Team) completing multiple deployments.

After returning home, Ben earned a Bachelor degree. While also taking a leadership role in building 35 Habitat houses after the tornado disaster in Joplin, MO. He then took a Project Management position with the largest Homebuilder in the Kansas City Metro, where he became an Area Manager overseeing six Project Managers over the course of 5 years. 


Meeting the co-founders and helping in a pro-bono role for the first year of Veterans Community Project's inception, a non-profit on a mission to help homeless veterans, Ben wanted to dedicate full-time to the Mission of VCP to help his fellow brothers and sisters. He still currently serves as the Vice President of National Expansion, overseeing the National Expansion Team and being responsible for the forward momentum of expansion sites.

Ben rediscovered cycling after returning from the military as an outlet, and found he loved mixing his passions for camping with his desire to cycle. Moving to Clinton, MO, with his wife and two children, he quickly saw a need for a bicycle shop to serve the community and help the youth of Clinton have a positive outlet. Thus planting the idea of Cycles & Cream.



Always feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns! 

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