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About The Owners


Ben and Jess feel a purpose to encourage new people with little experience to get active and try new adventures, to motivate people with experience to keep exploring, and keep planning and completing expeditions themselves. They support sustainable best practices and safety while exploring, and to preserve natural resources for generations to come. Even if its just a quick afternoon, they live to get out and explore.

Ben and Jess have a dream to create a place for people to learn and become motivated to get involved in the community, stay active, and go after adventure. But most importantly to build a place of positive support based on biblical principles. 

Some of the many activities Ben and Jess find themselves contently involved in and dreaming up there next adventure up include Cycling, Bike Packing, Backpacking, Hiking, Canoeing, Kayaking, Overlanding, Camping, Exploring, and Running.


The principles Ben and Jess attempt to live by and encourage others to strive to live by include:

  • Place God first

  • Always treat people with respect

  • Act with Honor and Integrity 

  • Always practice leave-no-trace guidelines

  • Leave something better than you found it

  • Abide by laws, rules, and regulations

  • Understand we do not own the earth. We borrow it

  • Give back to others as you can 

  • Always be willing to help, guide, and teach others

  • Safety is always to be considered and mitigated

  • Protect and care for natural resources

  • Be prepared

  • Be encouraging

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