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Repair Services 

At Cycles & cream, we strive to offer the best possible service to keep you rolling on your 2-wheel adventure! Whether you are looking for a simple repair or a complete overhaul, no job is too small or large. Bicycles should last a long time! Lets give them the love the need and deserve to ensure you get the full life out of your Bicycle! If you need work done on a bicycle, we will do it!

Image by Mark Stosberg
Soda Cruiser Tune-Up

C&C Price $79

Keep it simple with our Soda Cruiser Service. While we fine-tune your ride, enjoy the laid-back atmosphere with a refreshing soda from our vintage fountain.

  • Tighten Bars & Align Stem

  • Position Shift & Brake Levers

  • Tighten Seat to Post & Post to Frame

  • Air Tires & Cap Valves

  • True Front and Rear Wheel

  • Firmly Attach Wheels to Frame

  • Adjust Bottom Bracket

  • Tighten Cranks & Pedals

  • Tighten Kickstand 

  • Adjust Front and Rear Brake

  • Adjust Front and Rear Derailleur

  • Adjust Headset

  • Cap All Cables

Sugar Rush Sprint Tune-Up

C&C Price $99

For the speed enthusiasts, try our Sugar Rush Sprint Service. Experience an adrenaline rush on your tuned-up bike, then treat yourself to a sugary delight at our ice cream counter.

  • Includes all adjustments in the Level One Tune-up,

  • with the addition of a Full Drivetrain Clean!

Double Dip Dynamo Tune-Up

C&C Price $199

Unleash your bike's full potential with our Double Dip Dynamo Package. For those seeking speed and precision, indulge in a double scoop of joy from our ice cream parlor while we transform your ride.

  • Complete Overhaul of the entire the bike and it's components

  •  Strip the Frame bare and thoroughly clean every Individual Part

  • Re-assemble all components with Grease/Lube

  •  Put it all back together! Fully adjusting the components. 

Cycles & Cream General Repair Services
Accessory Installation
Ask For Pricing
From training wheels to bar tape, we can make sure they're installed correctly on your bike
Bicycle Assembly
Includes boxing or unboxing of bicycles (does not include shipping cost if desired)
Brake Adjustments
Adjustment of brake including replacing of the brake cable
Chain Installation
Installation of a new chain sized to the correct length and verification that the drivetrain is working properly
Derailleur Adjustments
Adjustment of derailleur including replacing of cable
Disc Brake Bleed
Removal of old pads and brake fluid, installation of new pads and fluid
Spoke Installation
Replacement of broken spoke and bringing the wheel back in to true
Tube or Tire Install
Installation of tire or tube and inflation to the proper pressure
Tubeless Tire Setup
Installation of a tubeless tire with sealant and inflated to the proper pressure
Wheel Truing
Bringing the spokes on your wheel back up to the correct tension and making the wheel true
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