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Melting Ice Creams
Take a pit stop from your cycling escapades and roll into our vintage-inspired soda and ice cream oasis!
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Soda & Cream



A Handcrafted Soda

A Taste of History!

Regular 24oz $3.00  Large 32oz $4.50

Happy Cruiser

Floating ice-cream in a handcrafted Soda (AKA- float)

Regular 24oz $5.25  Large 32oz $6.75

Mountain Madness

Handcrafted Soda blended in Ice Cream (AKA- Ice Cream Soda)

Regular 20oz $5.75 Large 24oz $7.75

Gravel Grinder

Ice Cream blended with your favorite syrup and Milk (AKA- Shake)

Regular 20oz $5.75 Large 24oz $7.75

Electric Glide

Ice Cream Cups

Keep it Simple!

Single $3.50  Double $4.75

Just like a well-maintained bike gears up for the next adventure, our soda menu is finely tuned with classic concoctions, each sip a smoothly crafted journey through the art of flavors. Shift into a sweet rhythm as you explore our basics-only ice cream selection, where every scoop is a spin through velvety landscapes of taste. Whether you're cruising down the classic root beer route or venturing into the unexplored territories of cycling-friendly floats, our menu is a celebration of the sweet side of life. Navigate through our offerings, and get ready to treat yourself to a delightful blend of flavors that perfectly complements the wheeling spirit of your cycling escapades.

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