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Appointment Services

Because we are all busy and Cycles & Cream wants to be a value add to your cycling needs, we offer scheduling an appointment right here on our website! Simply sign up for a date and time that works for you, and we will be ready at the shop! Not all repair services Cycles & cream offers can be completed in the timeframe of the appointment. Appointments can be used for basic repairs, or as a dedicated time to create an estimate together and drop the bicycle off.

Don't want an appointment? No problem! Feel free to walk in for a drop off, give us a call if you prefer at (660) 386-0660  or submit your information and we will reach out to you!

Sip, Shop, and Service

Our commitment to swift turnaround times means you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the open road. Leave the technicalities to us while you relish the delightful combination of efficient service and sweet indulgence. ​  Bicycles should last a long time. Let's give them the love they need and deserve to ensure you get the full life out of your Bicycle! If you need work done on a bicycle, we will do it. ​

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