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Cycles & Cream is a full-service bicycle shop inclusive of new bicycle sales, parts and accessory sales, and bicycle repairs paired with Old-Fashioned Soda and Ice Cream. We are located just miles from the start of the Katy Trail network, the largest, most developed rails-to-trail project in the United States.


Cycles & Cream strives to meet the needs of the community residents as well as the needs of the bike-touring community. We invite you to visit Cycles & Cream to enjoy ice cream, soda, and your bicycle needs, whether you're a local or a weary traveler!

A Veteran and Women-Owned Small Business.

Cycles & Cream Marketing-8.png

Welcome to Cycles & Cream, the heartbeat of your local cycling community!


At the intersection of exploration and camaraderie, our haven is crafted for bike touring enthusiasts and the vibrant local community alike. Here, every ride isn't just a journey, it's an opportunity to uncover the hidden gems of your neighborhood, to forge connections, and to savor the simple joys of life on two wheels. Whether you're gearing up for a cross-town adventure or planning the next epic tour, our curated collection of bicycles and accessories is here to elevate your experience. Join us in celebrating the spirit of local exploration, where the road is an invitation to connect with your surroundings and each pedal stroke brings you closer to the heart of your community and every fizzy sip takes you back in time. Get ready to tour, taste, and connect at Cycles & Cream!

Ice Cream Cone

Embark on a Flavorful Journey - Experience Our Vintage-Styled Soda and Ice Cream Haven! 

Pause your cycling adventures and pedal into our vintage-styled soda and ice cream haven! Just like a well-tuned bike gears up for the next escapade, our soda menu is intricately crafted with timeless concoctions—each sip takes you on a smooth journey through the art of flavors. Settle into a sweet rhythm as you explore our premium ice cream, where every scoop is a delightful spin through velvety taste landscapes. Whether you're strolling down the classic root beer path or venturing into the uncharted territories of our ice cream, our menu is a jubilation of life's sweet moments. Get ready to indulge in a delightful fusion of flavors that harmonizes perfectly with the adventurous spirit of your cycling journeys. 


Owner | Operator


Owner | Operator

Contact Us

205 S Main St 

Clinton MO, 64735

(660) 386-0660


Monday: 10am - 7pm

Tuesday: Closed

Wed - Sat: 10am - 7pm

Sunday: 1pm -6pm​​

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